I've been practicing yoga for less than 2 years now. My journey started while I was still working for a Japanese company in Makati City. I'm a Mechanical Engineer and you may wonder why I choose yoga as a means to live a healthy lifestyle. 

First of all, I encountered the word yoga through a 1990's,there I say it the 90's!!!, video game character Dhalsim from Street Fighter.

Don't get me wrong here Dhalsim's not my idol. I love his power's namely "Yoga Fire" and "Yoga Flame". He's really flexible sort of like the Lastikman Movie  starring Vic Sotto. 

Now going back to my work, I met a Japanese girl employee and through her was able to get information as to what yoga she was doing. The kind of yoga that she was doing was the heated type one 

"Bikram Yoga". During that time I was still under contract with "Fitness 1st" and couldn't spend that much money because I was getting less than 350 dollars as a monthly salary. Nonetheless there was yoga classes available to their , fitness 1st", clients so thats were my journey began. I took hot flow, dynamic flow, body balance and pilates classes.

Yoga Fire.....

Yoga Flame.....

The fighter who levitates in padmasana(lotus posture) after a fight

Due to disrespectful clients within fitness 1st, people who come in and out while class was in session, I had to transfer to another a studio that offers yoga classes. During that time I was looking for a studio that has hot yoga classes preferably a Bikram yoga teacher in site. I was lucky that Pulse-yoga was one of them. 

Introducing one of my teacher's Ms.  Mutya Ramos, she's not with the pulse-yoga group now she currently does privates for her clients. She took teacher training during the year 2007 together with another teacher who now owns Bikram Yoga Alabang.

 During the time that I entered Pulse-Yoga, July 2, 2009, to be exact marked the day that changed my life. I was loving every class I took, from Ashtanga to Hot, Hatha, Vinyasa and Power Classes. Although during the first few months I attended classes that were mainly Bikram Yoga. Then I started doing Ashtanga and the rest of the other classes within the studio. I loved pulse yoga and took advantage of every class they had. I even would take a leave from work, either a sick leave or holiday leave, and stay within the confines of the studio and just do yoga all day. I think I was crazy about yoga..really crazy!!! My practice improved, met a lot of people, my classmates respected my practice, and above all I had more energy, mind more calm after every class, body fit. I felt great!!! 

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