It may be a fact that there is a demand in YOGA in our country. The likes of Fitness First Philippines, Gold's Gym and other gyms throughout the metropolis have incorporated this exercise as a way of loosing the flab or toning the muscles around the body. People often mix Yoga and their workout in the gym. That can be done! Especially if you do it after your workout. The downside to it is people aren't aware of the full potential of a Yoga practice ,  majority of the people doing Yoga are the people who just want to loose weight and have a lean and sexier figure. They don't even stay for the final savasana or corpse pose. 

I'm no expert in Yoga this are just based on the observations I made in class. My knowledge in Yoga is not that wide. I only know little information about it, thats why I went to India. I met Ajay Kumar and his teacher BNS Iyengar. Learned a lot from them and I'm planning to go back and continue my yoga education. 

Yoga is an overall antidote of our temple, the human body. Throughout the years our body has been battered by all sorts of problems either direct or indirect. We just don't know how much we badly need Yoga in our lives. Yoga is a gift to the world, we must thank all the fathers of India for a practice which brings us back to ourselves. 

Every breathe you take, brings you closer to your soul...The sweat that pours out of your pores is an indication of your lifestyle....Stiffness you feel in a yoga class is a strong reminder "THAT YOU ARE NOT EFFICIENT" in using the overall capabilities of the systems in the body. 

I don't know why people complain about stiffness. Maybe they are just scared or lack information. Yoga is therapeutic even if you are not that flexible and do Yoga it will do wonders for yoga. Mind you that I am a guy and was not that flexible when I started but with constant practice "all is coming". Constant practice applies to everything we do in life not just Yoga.

"The young, the old, the extremely aged, even the sick and the infirm obtain perfection in Yoga by constant practice. Success will follow him who practices, not who practices not . Success in life is not obtained by the mere theological reading alone. Constant practice alone is the secret of success. Verily there is no doubt about this"

 - Hatha Yoga Pradipika 

Never hesitate or question too much about Yoga. Just practice and "all is coming"

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